1) If you are a new user at first create your account to get your own identity. Provide all information and set up new password to REGISTER or SIGN IN to Sadeeq Agro page. Without sign in process you can also buy from the website. Sign in process system is optional.
2) After sign in select your products from the category or Menu or press search button
3) After click the category you will get the individual product’s prices By using the increase or decrease button pressing (+)/(-) you can take as much quantity as you need and press the cart button to shop many products one by one.
4) At Billing details provide all your information and press PLACE ORDER. After placing you will get the delivery within 48 hrs anytime. Our customer service shall inform you over the phone before sending delivery at your home address. .
5) Before getting delivery if you want you can pay in advance through our online payment gateway system by using your any credit cards or Bkash. You have an option to pay cash after receiving your products as well.
6) For livestock purchased you have to send 20% booking money in advance and before taking delivery you have to pay or adjust the full amount.
NOTE: DON’T forget to read the terms and conditions applied to purchase. Once you have submitted the order, it must be assumed that you have read, understood and agreed with the terms and conditions written on this page.
Thank You
Authority, Sadeeq agro